Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Disney Princesses and Hero's on Ice...


Well what a lovely weekend, all kicked off with an amazing night at Disney Princesses and Hero's on Ice at the Liverpool Echo Arena.

I took my little Princess to the show as a treat just the two of us, we don't get to do this very often as I usually have my other monster with me too.

As with what you come to expect from all things Disney it was absolutely fantastic! Right from the beginning she was bouncing in her seat, so excited to see which Princess came out first. Of course it was down to Mickey and Minnie to set the scene and get the evening started, followed by Tinkerbelle who brought the story to life with her magic pixie dust.

Then we were transported to Agrabah where we met Aladdin and Princess Jasmine, followed by Snow white and Belle who was joined by a host of cutlery to 'Be Our Guest'.
My little girls favourite is Ariel from the Little Mermaid so she was particularly excited when the ice started to fill with sailors who transformed it to look like a huge ship. This was the most exciting of all the sections, filled with tricks from the support cast of sailors. At one point one of them balanced a large poll with a seat on the top of it on his chest, then another of the cast proceeded to spring-board into the air spinning and twirling as he went to eventually land bum first on the seat. At which the crowd broke into a raucous applause and my little munchkin leapt out of her seat saying, "Mummy, Mummy did you see that?!".

From then the ice was taken over by Sleeping Beauty and the evil Meleficent's dragon who managed to set the ice on fire, another impressive trick, then of course no Disney Princess show would be complete without Cinderella and her carriage. Even the newest of the Disney Princesses featured, although to a lesser extent. Tiana from The Princess and the Frog took to the ice, disappointingly not as a frog but enjoyable all the same, then the individual stories were rounded off with the lovely Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. At this point my daughter became very upset as she thought that was the end and she wanted more, but she didn't have to wait long for the entire cast to take to the ice for a grand ball and display their amazing skating talents.

Watching these skaters, glide elegantly across the ice really made me wish I could ice skate and am now considering a drastic career change to professional ice skater, if Chico can do it so can I! Or maybe I'll just start sending my little girls to lessons instead and push them to pursue ice skating as a career.

Disney Princesses and Hero's on Ice certainly did not disappoint, it was entertaining for both children and adults and I fail to see how anyone could not have enjoyed the evening. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with children aged 3 and up, any younger and I think it is a little too long and would result in very stressed parents. Plus take your own snacks, as like all events like this snacks are ridiculously expensive, as in £7 for a tub of popcorn and of course the children will want an ice drink complete with character cup at £8 a pop.

All in all one of the best evenings I have spent with my daughter and she has not stopped talking about it. She was very excited to return to nursery this morning to tell her class mates all about it during their 'news' section. If it makes your children smile and gives them a nice memory of spending time with you, which lets face it is not be as often as we would like now our lives are so busy, then it is definitely worth it!

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