Thursday, 18 October 2012

The sweet smell of Amy Childs

As promised in my recent post 'She Said Beauty Box - October' here is the first of my products reviews, I'm starting with the new fragrance from Amy Childs as this is the one that gives instant results 'ya know I mean hun'.

The hype:
Encased in an adorable deep purple, multi-faceted bottle embellished with a heart shaped charm, Amy Childs perfume is fabulous and feminine, just like her. A fan of all things glamorous and girly, Amy is qualified beauty therapist with her own salon, beauty products and clothing range. She has always loved perfume and smelling lovely. In fact, when she was setting up her salon, Amy chose all the lotions and oils herself as she wanted to ensure that all the fragrances were just perfect.
As you can see from the pictures below it was only a small sample I received not the 'multi-faceted embellished bottle', although that does sound very appealing.

I'm never sure how I am supposed to use these strange little perfume samples as I am always afraid of just pouring it all over me, I am usually a spray and walk kinda girl to avoid over kill. So this morning I tentatively tipped the a small amount on my neck and a little on my wrists.

It is not usually a smell I would choose as it is very sweet, it is exactly how you would imagine Amy Childs to smell. As Amy apparently chose all the ingredients herself I guess that is exactly what you would expect to happen. I would not say this has a very distinct smell that you would instantly recognise like your Gucci and Chanel classics, but as far as celebrity scents go I would say it's quite nice. It reminded me a lot of Vera Wang Princess, which I have and wear very rarely because of the sweetness. I would not wear this as an everyday perfume as it is quite strong and I could smell it on myself for quite a long time which was a bit distracting. If I was to wear this perfume I would probably save it for a night out, when you want something that lingers that little bit longer and not so subtle.

At an average price of £14.99 I would say it was quite good value for money, perfect for Christmas if you have a young teenager or 'Amynator' to buy for. All in all I would give this fragrance a 3/5, nice but a little too sweet for me.

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