Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Dotty P's pick me up...

This week I have been very quiet on the blogging front as I have been feeling super sorry for myself, like most of the population I have caught the dreadded lurgy and have been coughing and spluttering my way through this week. However when my friend mentioned the Trafford Centre I suddenly felt a lot better :)

It's my OH's 30th this weekend so I had to get him a present anyway (well that's what I told myself). I've been racking my brains for weeks trying to think of what to get him and I had settled on a camera, however when perusing Office I came accross a bargain pair of Vans. The exact same pair he was looking at in the summer but was too tight to buy but for half the price, bonus!

Obviously whilst I was there I had to have a little look for myself too, and to be honest nothing really jumped out at me. I was getting very disheartened as I was hoping to find something gorge to wear for a work thing at Cosmopolitan magazine later this week. Then whilst not really paying attention I stumbled upon this amazeballs scarf in Dorothy Perkins. I love a scarf, they can instantly make a very casual jean and vest combo look very smart and stylish.

This scarf manage to catch my eye because of the bows initially as I love anything with bows on at the moment. It's a really cute peachy pink colour with black bow detail on one side and black and cream check on the other, with a really lovely pearl trim right through the middle.

I absolutely adore this scarf and will get lots of wear out it, the fairly standard colours mean it will go with the majority of my wardrobe so can be used to dress up a casual outfit or I can simply use it to keep me warm. Which is exactly what I need right now! This was not the cheapest scarf I have bought but it certain wasn't expensive, I paid £14 in Dorothy Perkins and for me I think that is very reasonable. That's what I love about Dotty P's you can also ways find yourself a little gem of a purchase, whether is be a cute jumper or amazing accessories.

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