Friday, 9 November 2012

Christmas beauty box swap

Recently during one of the fabulous #bblogger twitter chats I came across a tweet that sounded particularly interesting. As a new comer to world of beauty blogging I am keen to get to know other beauty bloggers and get involved with exciting events and activities, so when I saw a tweet from Grace at All that Slap I was immediately intrigued.

The tweet mentioned something about a Christmas beauty box and as I had just started receiving s couple of boxes I wanted to learn more.

What was this tweet about I hear you cry, well...Basically it's a bit like a secret Santa. Grace was asking bloggers to sign up to her Christmas Beauty Box Swap, who she would then pair up with another lovely beauty blogger. I'm not sure if you're too late to sign up now but you can find out exactly what the rules are here.

I have just found out that I have been paired with Kay from Banini Beauty, we've already exchanged initial emails to try and get an idea or what we each like and don't like and I'm getting very excited now!

I do have a couple of ideas of what to put in the box, but with a budget or £15 - £20 I think the hardest job will be narrowing the products down. I love buying presents for other people but when you don't know the person it's also a little scary, I hope she likes what she ends up with.

Now to the shops...

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