Friday, 23 November 2012

It's in the bag!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I love handbags, all kinds of handbags. Big ones, small ones, shoulder ones, clutch ones, sparkly ones, leather ones, designer ones and cheap ones, I just love bags!! Now my babies are bigger and I'm back at work I no longer need to be tied to my Cath Kidston nappy bag, instead I get to use all the lovely lady bags I want!

I've been meaning to write a post about my most recent bag purchase, originally because it was such a bargain! However things have changed a little since I first bought this bag and I no longer feel the same way about this bargain bag as I first did.

The bag itself is tan coloured, over sized, faux leather with black piping around the base and handles, which have a really nice plait detailing and the inside has a lovely faux suede lining. I had been looking for something of this description for a long time so whilst leisurely browsing the clothing department in Sainsbury's, yes that's right Siansbury's, this caught my eye. It was exactly what I had been looking for and at a bargain price of £18! If I thought that was a bargain price then I was even more surprised when I got to the till and found there was 20% off so it was £13.50!!!

As you can see it has plenty of room inside, in fact it has a bit too much room if that's possible, it's impossible to find anything in it!

So here's a look at what's actually in my bag, you can see where all areas of my life cross and are stored in my bag, I have the spare dummy and random Happy Meal toy (Mummy), the personal organiser and note pad (career woman) and the make up bag and Cosmo mag (beauty lover) and lets face it everyone needs an umbrella (and a purse of course)!

It doesn't look like much does it and you must be thinking how hard could it be to find a personal organiser? Well let me tell you in this bag very! I don't know why this is but whenever I delve into this bag, whatever it is I am trying find is the only thing I don't pull out, and I may as well forget it when it comes to answering my phone, so I have taken to just holding it in my hand. I always have a note pad on hand in case I have a thought whilst out and about or I see something in the news that I think will come in handy, I can just jot it down, plus being a busy Mum I only have so much memory and most things go in one ear and out of the other if I don't write it down. I also usually have a magazine on hand so I always have something to read if I find myself with a spare 5 minutes and I get lots of inspiration for blog posts from magazines. I always carry my full make up bag around with me too, as you never know when you will need a touch up and you can guarantee if I don't have it all the one thing I need will be the one thing I don't have.

Here's a quick peek at my make up bag but I'll leave the full autopsy for another time...

What's your favourite kind of bag and what do you always carry with you?

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