Monday, 26 November 2012

November Favourites

I have been planning to do a favourites post, well since the beginning of November, as I have been using some really great products that I couldn't wait to share with you all. Then whilst reading some of my favourite blogs I came across a post by Kayleigh from Couture Girl about a new site called Beautysets, a site that is perfect for such posts as favourites or wish lists.

I'm obviously new to the site but from what I can gather it is a lot like Pinterest but for blogs, you create an account and use it to put mood boards, wish lists, favourites, look books etc. together (like pin boards). The best bit about using this site to put your lists together is that you can transform them so they look like a page taken straight out of a magazine. You can upload your own images or, like with Pinterest, you can 'clip' images from websites as you browse using the 'Beauty Clip' function. Then when you decide you want to use them you just drag them onto your 'set', easy!

So here's my first attempt...

Beautysets - November favourites
MUA Constellation - Scorpio
Another amazing product from MUA, the nail constellation is a dupe of Ciate's Caviar manicure, I would say looks just as effective but a steal at only £3!
L'Oreal Elvive Nutri Gloss Crystal Shampoo & Conditioner
I'm pretty picky about my shampoo and conditioner and don't tend to change products very often, but when I went shopping they didn't have my usual Herbal Essences so I decided to give these a try, as lets face it they are pink and sparkly. When I first smelt it out of the bottle I didn't think much of it (as I was used to the super strong scent of HE), but on the first day after use I kept getting a whiff of this amazing smell. I kept smelling the things around me wondering what the hell it was, then I bent down and my hair fell in my face at which point I realised that was what I could smell. I makes my hair feel super glossy and shiny and has an amazing scent, I will definitely be buying this again!
Bioderma Sebium H2O
I am absolutely in love with this cleanser, I was given this as a gift and I was over the moon after reading such good things about it to finally have it in my hands. I have the Sebium which is for combination/oily skin and it has worked like magic on clearing up my oily t. zone. Make up now stays put all day and I am nowhere near as shiny as I used to be, I am also not getting as many spot as I was, but if I do get a spot I just used the next product on my favourites list...
This product is absolutely amazing at clearing up spot and also stopping them from breaking out, I wont say too much about this product as I have been doing a little tracking exercise so that I can show you the full effects in my review coming soon. But basically it's amazing, I will be buying it again and again.
BlanX Classic Whitening Toothpaste
I love this product, it is hands down one of the best whitening toothpastes on the market (I may be a little bias). It's really gentle on your teeth as it has almost zero abrasiveness and it really does make a difference to the whiteness of your teeth, you wont get that Hollywood smile but what's natural about that?! This is the 75ml tube, it's a little cheaper than the pump variants of the BlanX products found in Boots. I am giving a whole bundle of this stuff away at the moment so check out my giveaway post, competition ends on 30/11/12.
Lily Flame Candle - Fairy Dust
I am not really one for filling the house with candles, I think they look beautiful when I see them in other peoples homes but I can never be bothered lighting them. I picked up this one in Waitrose whilst browsing their home section and I just couldn't put it down again, it smells incredible, if fairy dust existed and had a smell this would definitely be it! It smells like glitter if you know what I mean. Lily Flame do a whole range of amazing smelling candles in a tin, I really like the Christmas scents like Snowflake, yes it smells like snow or how snow should smell.
Well I hope you have enjoyed my first favourites post and are impressed with my handy work on Beautysets, it is well worth the look, I think it can definitely help bring your posts to life.


  1. Ahhh glad you like the website :) great post!! I really like Bioderma too and want to try the one for sensitive skin next time :) xxx.

  2. Bioderma is one of my all time favorite skin care products !!

    xx Liyana

    1. I love Bioderma, don't think I'll ever use another cleanser now!

  3. The MUA nail effect thing looks so cool, defiantly need to try that out!


    1. It does look really good, I will be doing a full review very soon so keep a look out :)


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