Sunday, 9 December 2012

Scottish adventure

Phew! (Slumps in the sofa surrounded by shopping)

I've just literally got back from a lovely little trip up to Edinburgh where I managed to get pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done! I have left it so late this year to get started, I hadn't even bought one present for the girls until Friday and although I have now bought enough to start my own toy shop I fear I'm still not finished with those two.

My sister is absolutely done, she has done very well out of me (even though things are a bit frosty between us at the moment). My Mum is also done and the in laws too, I've just got my Dad and hubby to get for. Probably the two most difficult people on the planet to buy for. Hubby insists there isn't anything he wants other than some boring sports coaching book. Argh need help!!

Well enough about that as I'm sure you all have your own gift worries to well worry about. So my trip to Edinburgh...

I've never been to Edinburgh before but I had heard it was a beautiful city and everyone I spoke to said how lovely it was, and they weren't wrong!

The Christmas markets were lovely and I even managed to get a couple of gifts from there, usually it's just all about the crepes and hog roast (obvs made sure I got those in too!). I loved how laid back everything was, even though it was busy and there was lots of traffic it didn't seem as scary as it does when you go to London or even in Manchester sometimes. Everyone was really jolly and polite, which you almost never get when in a city.

I have to say the old town was really lovely but typical for us we only discovered it this morning and we had to leave at lunchtime :( I really wanted to go down and see the volts, I've watched the Most Haunted that went down there and it was really scary. I'm a sucker for ghost stories and the paranormal, which is odd for someone with a real hatred for magic. We were thinking of going on one of the ghost walks in the evening but chickened out. So we ended up at a lovely Thai restaurant and like the sados we are back at the hotel in time for X Factor, hard core we are most definitely NOT!

I just wish had more time there as it was a lot longer drive than I thought and it felt like we spent more time driving than we actually had in Edinburgh.

If anyone has any gift ideas for the 50 something's and the 30 year old fuss pot that isn't toiletries or mega expensive gadgets your thoughts would be most appreciated :)


  1. Replies
    1. It was a really nice weekend, just a shame we couldn't stya longer :(

  2. From whereabouts did you travel to Edinburgh? It is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and you do need probably a week to properly begin to explore it.

    1. We travelled from Preston in Lancashire so it was nearly a 6 hour drive. I would love to go back and spend longer there.


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