Monday, 28 January 2013

Liebster Award #2

Woohoo I've been nominated for another Liebster Award! I was nominated for this the first time not long after had started my blog and I was thrilled, I literally thought I had won the Oscars of blogging. It's lovely to have been nominated again especially after the lovely 'Share the Love' #bbloggers chat last night. This time I was nominated by the lovely Rae over at Some Broke Girl, I love that her blog isn't all about high end products, that lets face it we can't really afford (or at least I can't).

So here are the rules...
1. List 11 facts about yourself.
2. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
3. Ask 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominate for the award.
4. Choose 9 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate.
5. Go to each blogger's page and let them know about the award.
6. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

My 11 facts about myself...
1. I am addicted to nail polish
2. If I could put sour cream on everything I eat I would!
3. High School Musical 3 is right up there in my top 5 fave films of all time
4. I am a terrible saver, money literally turns to dust in my hands
5. I have huge personal space issues
6. My little girl is named after an Oasis song
7. My husband was my first love
8. I'm about to take on a major new role at work and I'm pooping myself!
9. I love One Direction
10. If I could colour my whole face in with concealer I would
11. I love my own company and staying in (basically I'm boring)

My questions from Rae...

1) What names do you want to name your babies one day? (If this doesn't apply to you, just say a name you like aha)
I already have two little girls called Violet (4) and Lylah (2)
2) Style Icon? 
Lauren Conrad, Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift

 3) What is the one beauty product you couldn't live without?

 4) What is your earliest memory?
I'm really rubbish at remembering my childhood!

 5) What did you dream about last night?
Erm, can't remember :)

 6) What is your life ambition?
For my husband to make lots of money so I can become a lady of leisure and spend all my time with my girls.

 7) What make-up brand is your favourite and what item is their best? 
I love Benefit makeup, at the moment the best thing of theirs is POREfessional and Boi-ing concealer

 8) Where would you love to travel to? 
New York

 9) Who is your favourite Kardashian Sister (Any answer other than Khloe is wrong aha) 
None, I think they are all twits!

 10) If you could have one celebrity's feature what would it be and why? (Eg, Beyonce's bum)
Caroline Flacks legs, they are short but lovely.

11) What trend for 2013 are you most excited about?
Going to New York for my 30th (not so excited about the 30th part)
My nominees...
My questions to my nominees...
1. Shopping - Online or in store?
2. Weekends - Staying in or going out?
3. Exercise - love it of hate it?
4. If you were going into the 'I'm a Celeb' jungle what would be your luxury item?
5. Who's your style icon?
6. If you could have a super power what would it be and why?
7. What can you not live without?
8. Did you make any New Year's resolutions? If you did what were they?
9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
10. Which most hyped beauty products have you been most disappointed by?
11. Which drug store beauty product have you been most surprised by?
So there you have it, I can't wait to read all of your responses to my questions.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Shout Out #2

Happy Sunday folks, I hope you're enjoying your weekend. Here's the 2nd instalment of my Sunday Shout Out series, a chance for me to showcase some of the fab blogs I follow.

This week you will have noticed a change in design on my blog and also the addition of a blog button. So I thought this week i would introduce you to the blogs I have done button swaps with. If you're enjoying a lazy day or nursing a hangover why not take a look at these fab blogs.

Beauty Becky - it's thanks to this lovely lady that I now have a beautiful new design and blog button. I have to say she was really lovely and easy to work with, her rates are really cheap and she works very quickly! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a revamp. She also has plenty of fab posts to read as well as an ace You Tube channel. I particularly loved her MAC start kit post, I don't own many MAC products and I always feel intimidated when I go to the counter so this post really helped me a lot!

Katie Lew La - another lovely blogger I have swapped buttons with this month, I love Katie's blog design it's really quirky and different. As a nail polish obsessive I really enjoy reading her nail posts. 

Dainty Desires - yet again another beautiful looking blog with really interesting posts. She has a great mix of personal/lifestyle, fashion and beauty posts with great photography on every post. Definitely worth checking out!

I hope you will take the time to take a look at these fab blogs, and if anyone else is interested in doing a button swap just let me know and I'd be happy to swap :) 

Which blogs have you been loving this week?


Friday, 25 January 2013

Melt Candles review

Just before Christmas I was contacted by the lovely people at Melt Candles and agreed to review one of their amazing candles. Well I was utterly surprised this morning when mid makeup application the door went and it was the posty with my Melt package.

When they contacted me and told me these candles were used in the X Factor judges dressing rooms during this years competition I was super excited. After smelling this lovely candle I can really imagine the beautiful scents filling Nicole Scherzy's dressing room whilst she chilled out before the show. 

I was sent the Verbena & Clary Sage 'Happy...HAPPY...Happy!' Candle, it has quite a musky smell, which I was pleasantly surprised by. I prefer these slightly more masculine smells as florals are sometimes a little too sweet for my liking. The smell is really luxurious and really hits you as you walk in the room and diffuses around the house so you can smell a subtle hint wherever you are. 

In a word I think Melt scented candles are beautiful and they certainly made me feel 'happy' and relaxed after a long day at work. The packaging is really stylish and expensive looking so they would make great gifts and would create the perfect romantic ambiance for Valentines Day.  

If you want to know more about Melt candles you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+

Are you a candle lover? What are your favourite scents? 

*Although I have not been paid to write this review I was gifted the candle free of charge. As always I have given a full and honest review of this product.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stila in the light eyeshadow pallet review

One of my favourite gifts I received this Christmas was the Stila 'in the light' eyeshadow pallet, so I thought it was about time I reviewed it.

This pallet is a really good alternative to the Urban Decay Naked pallets, it's not a dupe exactly as they cost around the same, just an alternative.

I decided to ask for the Stila version instead of the UD pallet as I really wanted to give Stila a try and I was tempted by the free smudge stick. I had tested them at the Manchester Bloggers Meet I went to just before Christmas and loved them.

As you can see the all shades have really good pigmentation and they have a lovely velvety texture to them. The shimmery shades are really silky and look glam for a night out and the matte shades are perfect for everyday. Until I got this pallet I never really wore eyeshadow day to day, I generally just wore it on nights out. But now I love adding a touch or 'bare' on the brow bone and 'bliss' around the crease and edge of the lid, it adds a subtle touch of colour to everyday makeup. 

In case you aren't the best at applying eyeshadow (like me) you also get a great little booklet that tells you exactly which shade to wear and where on the lid it should go. I have to say it has helped me create the perfect smokey eye look for nights out with the girls. The smudge stick is also fab, it glides on easily and if you mess up (as I do often) you can just smudge it away, simples! 

Have you tried the Stila pallet or the UD Naked? Which did you prefer? 

Monday, 21 January 2013

New York here I come #1

So if you have read my rather melodramatic post about turning 30 this year you will have noticed that quite a few of the things I want to do before I turn 30 require me to be in New York City. I am so excited to tell you all that yes, I will be in New York for my actual 30th birthday! Arrrrrrrrgh! (Does very unattractive Chandler Bing style dance).

New York is the only place on this earth that I really really really really really reeeeeeeally want to go, everywhere else just does not come close to how I feel about New York. It is somewhere as a kid I always thought I would be living, you know when I became a personal trainer to the stars, not couch potato living in Lancashire. I didn't think I would get the chance to go any time soon so when my friend suggested we go (and use her Thomas Cook discount) for my 30th I immediately said YES! Then felt seriously guilty about not going with my hubby and leaving my girls for 4 days, but after much persuasion and a little help from the tax man I said HELL YES!

I cannot wait to do all the tourist attractions, go to see Wicked on Broadway, stroll through Central Park, visit Times Square, go to the top of Rockefeller Center then hunt down all the Sex and the City cocktail bars. Eat gigantic sized food, buy up the whole of Sephora and Forever 21, get my first piece of Tiffany jewellery from THE Tiffany's, walk around Bloomingdales asking to speak to Rachel Greene and obviously pay my respects at Ground Zero.

I just have one problem, my ability or inability to save. I am completely useless when it comes to money, I have always been a spender not a saver. I want stuff and I want it now! I just love stuff, all kinds of stuff not just beauty products, and it's not always for me I like buying stuff for other people especially my girls. As you can imagine my love for stuff is going to be a big hurdle I need to to over come so that I can have the ultimate blow out in New York. The trip itself is covered thanks to a surprise tax rebate but I still have the issue of spending money. I have decided that I will try to save £130 a month until September, and to stop me spending it I am going to get it changed into dollars. This should give me £910 and I'm hoping that with it being my 30th my Mum and Dad might give me a little towards it. 

You may be wondering why I'm telling you all this, and I assure you it is not to make you jealous in the slightest, promise ;) The reason I am doing this is as so many bloggers are on spending bans at the moment I thought I would give you my monthly updates on the ultimate spending ban! I'll be letting you know how I am getting on with the saving and give a running total 2 Broke Girl styley or my progress, also let you know about any tips that I come across to make saving easier to help anyone else who is on a spending ban or is also trying to save for something. I would also appreciate any tips you can give me, if you have changed your ways from spend-a-holic to save-a-holic.

Have you ever been to New York? How much spending money do you think is appropriate? Do you have any tips to get me started?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Shout Out #1

I have been thinking a lot about how I can make my blog a bit more exciting this week, I know we all love product reviews and haul posts but I really don't want my blog to be too much about products and lose that personal touch.

One way I thought I could mix things up a bit was with a couple of series posts, so here's the first post of series number one, 'Sunday Shout Out'. Although I don't always leave comments on blog posts it doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed reading them, it just means I have nothing to add (I'm a bit like this in real life too). So I thought I could use my Sunday Shout Out posts to show my appreciation for the fab blogs I read instead.

So before I ramble on too much here are a few blogs I have been reading this week...

Couture Girl - I particularly liked Kayleigh's post on the great high street size debate and she always has fab fashion and beauty posts. If you've been living in a hole and have somehow managed to miss this blog it is definitely worth a read. 

Makeup Savvy - I love reading all the great tips on blogging and photography, if your just starting out or are a bit rubbish at the imagery side like me you should pop over to Fee's blog. You will definitely learn a thing or two. 

Love, Life and Makeup - This is a blog I always find myself going back to, Hannah has a great mix of beauty and personal posts. She also does blog designs so if you like what you see and think you need a revamp why not give her a shout. 

Expat Make-Up Addict - This fab blog just so happens to belong to my Dubai dwelling sister-in law and I always enjoy reading her posts on all her great make up buys, and trust me there are lots! If you like your high end make up then Stacey's blog is the place to go. 

I hope you've liked the first post in this series and take a look at the blogs I've mentioned. It's always good to share the blogging love so if you have any favourites you think I should check out please leave me a link below. 

Friday, 18 January 2013

30 things...

This year marks an important and scary milestone for me, that's right I turn 30! I cannot believe this is actually happening to me, a bit melodramatic I know, but I still feel like I'm 18 years old. I have never been a real over the top partier and I've always loved my early nights even when I was at uni, but now I feel like all these terribly unexciting things that I love just make me old!

So I have drawn up a list of things I think I need to do before I turn 30 in September...

1. Raise money for charity
2. Teach Violet to swim
3. Learn to reupholster a chair
4. Grow my hair
5. Loose 1 stone
6. Take up a regular exercise class
7. Take more family photos
8. Have a full body massage
9. Loose another stone
10. Reach 150 GFC followers
11. Go to a festival
12. Get my manky foot sorted (yuck)
13. Learn how to cook a curry
14. Host a dinner party
15. Create a blog button
16. Learn basic HTML coding
17. Buy a blog domain
18. Wear matching underwear everyday
19. Do something that scares me
20. Go for afternoon tea at a swanky hotel
21. Visit New York
22. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
23. Visit Ground Zero
24. Have a picnic in Central Park
25. Buy something from Tiffany's
26. Have my picture taken with a 'celeb'
27. Learn to like fish (as in eating it)
28. Have my name mentioned in a newspaper
29. Own a designer handbag, preferably Chanel/Mulberry/Marc Jacobs
30. Stay happy :-) 

I realise that unless I succeed with 21 it would make it very difficult to complete 22 - 25, however I have high hopes of making it to New York before my birthday. Let's just say it's in the pipeline if I can manage to reign in my spending habit!

Obviously there are lots of other things I would like to add but I have stuck to the things that are attainable within the 8 months I have left before my birthday. Always the marketeer you see, making sure I set SMART targets.

What do you think of my list? Is there anything you would add to it if it were you?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Bourjois vs Pretty Quik

Ok so it follows suit that if you're a lover of nail polish you need to have a good nail polish remover. Until recently I always just used the liquids but as my bin has started to fill up and my stash of cotton pads is depleting rapidly I decided to take a different approach to nail polish removal.

I had heard good things about the Boujois Magic Nail Polish Remover and it won the Gold Pure Beauty award (which I attended) for Best New Nail Innovation 2012, so I thought this must be good I'll give it a try. However as I am not one to miss out on a bargain I noticed a slightly cheaper version whilst in Boots, I remembered I had read a review on the Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover and the review was pretty good (see what I did there).

Both products claim to remove nail polish quickly and easily without the use of cotton pads, the Bourjois goes as far as to say the nail polish will be removed in 1 second.
For this experiment I used the same hand (different finger) with the same colour and amount of polish so it was a fair test.
Let's start with the cheaper version, the Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover (£2.50). Well as you can see from the picture below it didn't do all that well at removing a fairly standard colour of nail polish and I was only wearing two coats. It shouldn't of had to work that hard to remove the polish I had on, my usual liquid had no problem removing it in one sweep. Also it felt really wrong putting my finger in the sponge, I felt like more liquid went up my nails than on the polish. As you can see there was also colour transfer on the rim of the bottle that decided to cling onto my finger meaning I needed to use my liquid remover to get it off my finger anyway.


Now the Bourjois Magic product (£4.99) was quick but it did take a little longer than 1 second. The main difference between this product and the Pretty Quik (apart from the efficacy) was the hole in the middle of the sponge, this made it so much easier and no liquid went up my nail making it sting. I put my finger in the bottle and turned it a few times rubbing my nail around the sponge and I have to admit the results were really good. I was so pleased with how well it worked, much better than the cheaper product. This product also contains almond oil which is great for nourishing the nails and it has a really fruity smell, rather than that awful chemical smell, I used this at my desk and nobody even commented on the odour.

So to round up I would say that the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover was very effective and worth paying the extra for. I love how I can just throw this product in my bag without having to chuck a load of cotton pads in too, meaning I'm ready for any nail emergency anytime. No longer will I have to walk round with unsightly chipped nail polish!
Have you tried either of this products, what did you think? Worth the money or not?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Christmas Hair Part last

Back at the beginning of December I posted about my Christmas hair do part 1, I have had to do this in two parts as my hairdresser couldn't fit me in for a colour on the same day as the cut. However then Christmas and the vast amount of money I spent on presents got in the way and it meant I didn't have the funds to get my new colour done before New Year.

I am pleased to finally be able to show you part two of my hair transformation! I have had dark hair for around 4 years now, it's the longest I have been any one colour, before that I always had highlights and the shade of them tended to change every time I had them done. I decided to go dark as I had just had my first daughter and I wanted to make myself feel a bit better with a makeover.
Apart from the just having a child bit, the motivation for this change is sort of the same as the last. Having dark hair was starting to make me feel a little drab, even though things are going great and I am happier now than I have been in a really long time, so I thought my hair should match my mood and I have decided to go blonde. 

These images are absolutely awful, but I have given up trying to get the perfect shot as with the lack of natural light I'll be waiting until the summer! My hairdresser has used foils for the underneath but has only used toner on the top section, this means I wont get horrid roots and I have avoided that terrible tiger stripe look. It's not as blonde as I would have liked but that is to be expected when you go from dark to light, the next time I go I think I will get it much closer to the colour I want to achieve.
I used two of my fave celebs as hairspiration, Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift, I love the colour of both of their hair. I love how LC's goes from darker blonde to light and that's the end result I am hoping for.

Have you changed your look recently? 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Simple nail art

As you know I have a small addiction to nail polish and I like to change the colour of may nails almost on a daily basis. However over the past week I have been trying to give my nails a bit of a rest so they can recover and get healthy, sort of like a detox for my nails.

If you love nail polish as much as I do you will have noticed that your nails start to go a yellowish colour when you have worn nail polish for quite a while and mine also go really weak, they snap and peel at the slightest little thing. I opened my freezer door the other day and the tips just snapped right off. So to get them stronger and looking healthier I have been using Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner, it's an almond oil conditioner that you apply to your nails and massage into your cuticles. I have to say that my nails are looking much better and do feel a lot stronger, I haven't experienced any peeling since I started using it.

Last night the bare nails look all got too much for me and I cracked, I couldn't look at my unmanicured hands any longer, so this happened...

Somehow keeping the colour neutral and the simple heart design made me feel like I was easing my nails back into the routine after a week off, crazy logic I know.
I used Models Own Nude Beige as the base, I love this colour it was one of my most worn shades in 2012 and I think it will remain a firm favourite in 2013. Like with all Models Own polishes it has great pigmentation and I only needed two coats to achieve an opaque coverage.
I added the simple little heart design using the Models Own Wah Nail Art pen in White, I love these pens as they make it so easy to do any design. I used the nib end of the pen for this and it was soooo simple, trust me if I can do it anyone can!
I think the heart looks really cute, simple but effective.
Have you tried a nail 'detox' before? What did you use?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013 Wish List

There are sooooo many products I want to try this year, I thought I would just do a brief summary of the ones I am thinking about a lot right now. There will definitely be others that come up and there are already others at the back of my mind.

I am trying to be better with money this year as I am trying to save to go to New York for my (cough) 30th in September, so it may take me a while to get round to actually purchasing some of these products...

I would love to know if any of you have tried these products and what you thought of them.

What's on your 2013 beauty wish list?

Friday, 4 January 2013

DGJ Organics review

Just before Christmas I was scanning the PR request hashtag over on Twitter, as I do regularly on the off chance that there is something of interest on there. I am always looking for new products to try and you can often come across some brands that you might never of heard of before.

This time was one of those times, I saw a tweet from a company called DGJ Organics asking if there were any bloggers interested in trying some of there products. After a little investigation I found out they were a haircare brand specialising in products using organic ingredients. So I replied and was very pleased when they agreed to send me their Hair Juice Clarifying shampoo and conditioner as well as their Berutti Oil.

As it was so close to Christmas I didn't expect anything to arrive until after the holidays but to my absolute delight they turned up the next day, meaning I could try them out for my works Christmas do.

The first thing that struck me about the shampoo and conditioner products was the amazing scent, they contain mandarin essential oils and rose extracts and the mandarin really comes through, it's lovely.

Once I started using the shampoo I immediately noticed the difference between the DGJ Organics and the usual shampoos I use. When I use shampoo I can always feel my hair matting whilst I lather and massage the shampoo into my scalp, and it's not until I rinse and use conditioner that these knots fall out. I didn't experience any matting or knotting with the DGJ Organics shampoo, it had the same affect on my hair as my usual conditioner does, it just felt soft and smooth straight away. Then after I used the conditioner my hair felt super soft and manageable, there was no painful brushing after I used these products.

The Hair Juice Clarifying shampoo and conditioner claim to revitalise and cleanse the hair to remove build up and impurities, I would definitely say they do exactly what they claim to and would recommend them to anyone looking improve the condition of their hair.

I have heard a lot about products similar to the Berutti Oil, which contains organic Argan Oil to nourish and restore the hair, this again smelled lovely. I'm not sure what I was expecting the oil to look like but I was really surprised that is was less like an oil and more like a sticky serum.

I used this on towel dried hair, as instructed, to protect against the heat of my hairdryer and straighteners, which I use everyday. I don't usually use anything like this as the ones I've tried in the past didn't really make much difference and I wasn't aware my hair was in that bad of a condition until I used this product. The texture of my hair after using the Berutti Oil was lovely, it made my hair feel silky and smooth and if it's even possible, a little bit thicker. I think this is because it made my hair a lot sleeker and my style stayed in place a lot longer than usual. I have shoulder length hair and even though I straighten it the ends always seem to flick out in all kinds of directions and the Berutti Oil stopped this from happening, the ends of my hair stayed as one, if that makes sense (when it comes to describing what my hair does and how I like it I can never quite find the right words, you can imagine the trouble my hairdresser has).

I would definitely recommend this product if you're looking for some heat protection and for keeping your hair looking healthy and smooth.

If you like the feeling you get after visiting the hair salon then you really need to check out these products, I know other products claim to give you that salon finish but I can honestly say these products really do give you that feeling.

You can buy all these products online at DGJ Organics website, £5.99 each for the shampoo and conditioner, £7.99 for the Berutti Oil.

Have you tried any of these products or products similar?

*Although I have not been paid for this review I was gifted the products by DGJ Organics free of charge. As always this is my frank and honest opinion.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Best Beauty Finds 2012

2012 was an interesting year for me; I re-trained and embarked on a new career, then changed my mind and went back to the old career but in a fantastic new job, I worked on a national campaign with a major beauty/fashion magazine (cough Cosmo) and attended fabulous beauty events, my little girl started big school, my dog died :( and I also took the plunge and started my own blog.
Since starting this blog not only have I been introduced to some fantastic brands and products but my confidence has grown massively. It has helped me rediscover myself, pull me out of my rut and I actually feel quite good about myself these days. So as I leave 2012 behind and look forward to what 2013 has to offer I thought I would give a little shout out to the products and brands that made 2012 that little bit prettier...
Beautysets - Best Beauty Finds 2012
Skincare/ Haircare
So as I think back to my first proper blog post (there are a few random others that I carried forward from an old blog), the one that started it all it was all about skincare and the fact I had no routine what so ever! Well thanks to that post I went on to discover some really great skin care brands such as Skinetica and Bioderma. I now use Bioderma every night without fail to cleanse and remove my make up, gone are the days when I wake up with panda eyes. I have really noticed a difference in my skin since using it, I still get break outs but they last nowhere near as long. Which brings me nicely onto Skinetica, this is what I have been searching for all my life, a spot treatment that actually works! Last night I had one of those horrid, hard under the skin spots threatening to take over my chin, but after wiping a little Skinetica over it last night and this morning it has now pretty much disappeared, like magic!
When it comes to haircare I have never really done anything specific or used any special shampoos as my hair isn't in that bad condition, however I was sent some products from the lovely DGJ Organics and I am now thinking speciality hair products are the way forward in 2013. I wont say too much as I will do a full review of the products very soon, so keep a look out...
Nail polish has always been a passion of mine, I would paint my nails at least once a week and I would treat myself to a new polish if I was going out. Now nail polish had become an obsession rather than a passion and I change the colour of my nails at least four times a week, and sometimes it's every day. I have drastically increased the amount of polishes I own and I bought the Ciate Mini Mani Month advent calendar as an early Christmas present to myself. I had never bought a Ciate polish before but I had cooed over them plenty of times, it's the bow that does it, I will say though I have bought cheaper polishes that have more pigmentation and staying power so although the colours are amazing I was a tad disappointed.
I also ventured into the world of nail art, I have always wanted to try it out but my unsteady hand has put me off, however the Models Own nail art pens make it soooo easy I was really impressed with my first attempt (full review).
I have tried a lot of make up since starting my blog that I perhaps would not have thought of trying previously, this is all thanks to the lovely bloggers I have started to follow and speak to during the #bbloggers chats.
My absolute favourites have to be the Bobbi Brown foundation stick and the Sleek lipsticks. I was using the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation which I thought was amazing until I tried the Bobbi Brown stick and although I may try others like the Stila foundation I got for Christmas I think I will always have the Bobbi Brown in my make up bag.
I discovered Sleek lipsticks after I got one in my December Glossy Box, I've never really been a lipstick girl I prefer gloss and when I saw the colour I wanted to run a mile. But I took a deep breath and gave it a try and boy am I glad I did. I absolutely love the colour and because I love it I didn't feel in the slightest self conscious when I wore it out, in fact I felt FAB! Thank you Sleek Make Up for bringing me out of my comfort zone and getting me to try lipstick, I may never look back!
Finally I just thought I would mention a few brands that have made me take notice and really impressed me during 2012..
MUA Cosmetics - What can I say, I have nothing but love for this brand, it may not cost the earth but it certainly isn't cheap. I think I have almost everything there is on their website but at the rate they are releasing new products I don't think I'll be stopping anytime soon.
Real Techniques - I never used make up brushes before I discovered these, I always used my hands to apply make up or the awful eyeshadow brushes you get in sets. But when I started using the Bobbi Brown stick it sort of became necessary to invest in some brushes and all the bloggers were raving about Real Techniques. I bought the set that included the foundation, powder and eyeshadow brush to start me off but I have a feeling this is another brand I wont be stopping there with. I love how soft they are and I haven't experienced any shedding from them and my make up blends really well, I have never been left with those awful brush marks.
Bobbi Brown - As I mentioned earlier Bobbi Brown will now and forever have a place in my make up bag, not only do I have the foundation stick but I also have the Sheer Pressed Powder and the Hydrating Moisturising Gel which also works as a primer. I have been nothing but thrilled with all three!
Stila - this is a brand I am rediscovering, I used to always use their lip gloss when I was at Uni and had a student loan to burn but then they disappeared from the UK shelves. They have recently returned and I thought I'd give their foundation and eyeshadow pallets a try and again I have been impressed.
I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store, what were your 2012 beauty highlights?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Phew! Christmas has been a busy one for me, as you can imagine with 2 little people to fuss over. But I have finally been able to grab 5 minutes to write a quick Christmas/New Year post, I've really enjoyed reading other people's "what I got" posts so I thought I'd write one of my own.

I got a few beauty items this year but obviously not as much as a lot of others as when you have kids it kind of all becomes about them. I've decided to show you my `InstaChristmas` (Christmas in Instagram), the images that pretty much sum up my festive period...

Wishing you all a very happy New Year and may 2013 be everything you hope it will be and more!


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