Monday, 21 January 2013

New York here I come #1

So if you have read my rather melodramatic post about turning 30 this year you will have noticed that quite a few of the things I want to do before I turn 30 require me to be in New York City. I am so excited to tell you all that yes, I will be in New York for my actual 30th birthday! Arrrrrrrrgh! (Does very unattractive Chandler Bing style dance).

New York is the only place on this earth that I really really really really really reeeeeeeally want to go, everywhere else just does not come close to how I feel about New York. It is somewhere as a kid I always thought I would be living, you know when I became a personal trainer to the stars, not couch potato living in Lancashire. I didn't think I would get the chance to go any time soon so when my friend suggested we go (and use her Thomas Cook discount) for my 30th I immediately said YES! Then felt seriously guilty about not going with my hubby and leaving my girls for 4 days, but after much persuasion and a little help from the tax man I said HELL YES!

I cannot wait to do all the tourist attractions, go to see Wicked on Broadway, stroll through Central Park, visit Times Square, go to the top of Rockefeller Center then hunt down all the Sex and the City cocktail bars. Eat gigantic sized food, buy up the whole of Sephora and Forever 21, get my first piece of Tiffany jewellery from THE Tiffany's, walk around Bloomingdales asking to speak to Rachel Greene and obviously pay my respects at Ground Zero.

I just have one problem, my ability or inability to save. I am completely useless when it comes to money, I have always been a spender not a saver. I want stuff and I want it now! I just love stuff, all kinds of stuff not just beauty products, and it's not always for me I like buying stuff for other people especially my girls. As you can imagine my love for stuff is going to be a big hurdle I need to to over come so that I can have the ultimate blow out in New York. The trip itself is covered thanks to a surprise tax rebate but I still have the issue of spending money. I have decided that I will try to save £130 a month until September, and to stop me spending it I am going to get it changed into dollars. This should give me £910 and I'm hoping that with it being my 30th my Mum and Dad might give me a little towards it. 

You may be wondering why I'm telling you all this, and I assure you it is not to make you jealous in the slightest, promise ;) The reason I am doing this is as so many bloggers are on spending bans at the moment I thought I would give you my monthly updates on the ultimate spending ban! I'll be letting you know how I am getting on with the saving and give a running total 2 Broke Girl styley or my progress, also let you know about any tips that I come across to make saving easier to help anyone else who is on a spending ban or is also trying to save for something. I would also appreciate any tips you can give me, if you have changed your ways from spend-a-holic to save-a-holic.

Have you ever been to New York? How much spending money do you think is appropriate? Do you have any tips to get me started?


  1. This is my absolute dream! I dream of going to New York and doing everything you have described. The thing about walking around bloomingdales asking to speak to rachel greene made me crack up! I have to do that! haha.

    Save save save. Just think about all the amazing things you could do and buy there. I hope you have an incredible time!
    Lots of pictures have to be taken!!


    1. I think I will be able to keep my blog going for another year just from the things I do and buy there! I'm sure I will even start to bore myself!

      I'm so excited, I just need some will power!

  2. I went to New York City for my 18th birthday and it was literally THE best experience of my life to date! The more you can save the better because you just honestly want to make the most of your time there! If I can give you any tips, I would go to the top off the Rockafeller Centre instead of the Empire State Building as you get the Empire State in your view then :) Also, go to Soho for lots of great unique boutiques and if you head Upper West Side you have to check out this vintage boutique Off Broadway - it's amazing! So jealous!! xxxx :)

    1. Wow thanks for all the great tips, I definitely want to check out some boutiques and find something really unique. I'm so excited!


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