Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Stila in the light eyeshadow pallet review

One of my favourite gifts I received this Christmas was the Stila 'in the light' eyeshadow pallet, so I thought it was about time I reviewed it.

This pallet is a really good alternative to the Urban Decay Naked pallets, it's not a dupe exactly as they cost around the same, just an alternative.

I decided to ask for the Stila version instead of the UD pallet as I really wanted to give Stila a try and I was tempted by the free smudge stick. I had tested them at the Manchester Bloggers Meet I went to just before Christmas and loved them.

As you can see the all shades have really good pigmentation and they have a lovely velvety texture to them. The shimmery shades are really silky and look glam for a night out and the matte shades are perfect for everyday. Until I got this pallet I never really wore eyeshadow day to day, I generally just wore it on nights out. But now I love adding a touch or 'bare' on the brow bone and 'bliss' around the crease and edge of the lid, it adds a subtle touch of colour to everyday makeup. 

In case you aren't the best at applying eyeshadow (like me) you also get a great little booklet that tells you exactly which shade to wear and where on the lid it should go. I have to say it has helped me create the perfect smokey eye look for nights out with the girls. The smudge stick is also fab, it glides on easily and if you mess up (as I do often) you can just smudge it away, simples! 

Have you tried the Stila pallet or the UD Naked? Which did you prefer? 


  1. I really want this eyeshadow palette but I am being sensible and saving my money for my wedding! It has some lovely shades though!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. Yeah I'm trying that too! They are really lovely shadows.

  2. Gorgeous shades! I need to pick this up!!

    - Andrea Marie xx

    1. They are lovely and they are all really different too.

  3. Kitten has been my long time favourite eyeshadow, when Stila became discontinued in the UK I used to buy it in bulk from Ebay in the States!

    I have this palette, must dig it out


  4. Kitten looks like a really pretty colour!
    I already had the UD Naked palette when I heard about this so there's not much point in me trying this!


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