Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lush Marilyn review

Since going blonde I have found that my hair has not felt or looked has healthy as it did when it was brown, I had been thinking about trying an intensive conditioner or mask but not being very familiar with these products I felt a bit lost.

That was until I read a review by Chelsea from 'Through Chelsea's Eyes' on the Marilyn Hair Treatment from Lush. I've recently fallen back in love with Lush, but I will admit I tend to stay away from the hair stuff when I'm in there as it all just gets a bit too confusing for me what with all those solid shampoos and what not. But it made my day to find out they had something that could sort my locks out.

What it says on the tin...
"Let your blonde have more fun. A pre-wash treatment for blondes who want lighter, brighter hair.
Whether you are bleech blonde or natural you will want to keep brassy, orange tones from building up in your hair.
Use Marilyn regularly yo ensure you stay true blonde, not brassy."
Basically what you need to do is lather this rather gloopy stuff all over dry hair, kind of like when you dye your hair at home, wait 20 minutes then wash it off as you normally would.
I could not believe how silky smooth this stuff left my hair, and it didn't just last until my next wash I could still feel the benefits of the product a few washes later. I can't say it made my hair look any lighter but it sure felt a lot more nourished. I think maybe if you used it from the first wash after having your hair coloured it would probably help keep the tone for a lot longer, I'll be trying this next time I get my hair coloured.
If you're looking for a hair mask that doesn't contain lots of chemicals then you should definitely give this a go, at £8.95 for 225g I would say this was a good value purchase. I will definitely continue to use this product and I thoroughly recommend it to all you blonde bombshells out there. Thanks Chelsea for bringing this to my attention!

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  1. I will keep this is mind as I love dying my hair blonde but always end up going back to brown due to my hair feeling broken and unhappy! Thank you x


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