Friday, 6 September 2013

Pure Beauty Awards 2013

Now I know you're all probably fed up of me wanging on about BlanX by now but...BlanX White Shock has been nominated for 2 Pure Beauty Awards and obviously we'd love to win!

For those of you who haven't heard of Pure Beauty it is a beauty trade magazine that you can subscribe to, each month they feature the latest beauty products and it is great for getting a heads up on the next big thing. From a blogging point of view I love this magazine as it is great for seeing what's coming up, they always feature blogger comments in there too.

BlanX has a really good track record with Pure Beauty, we have won the past two years, I was lucky enough to go to the awards ceremony last year and it was amazing! You can read all about it here. It would be brilliant if all of my lovely readers could take a few minutes to vote for BlanX in the Best New Dental Product and the Special Innovation categories. I am already thinking of something special to do with my goody bag loot to say a huge thank you to you all :-) 

You can vote for BlanX White Shock and lots of other fantastic products here at the Pure Beauty website.

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