Monday, 7 April 2014

The one you've all been waiting for...Vegas haul!

In my last post about my recent trip to Las Vegas I mentioned I did a lot of shopping, and I mean a lot! Now I am going to show you just what I bought...

As you can see I hit Sephora hard! What I love the most about Sephora is that there's a dupe for just about every product ever made by any of the high end brands and the quality is amazing. Because I found that the price of most of the branded stuff was the same as the UK and there didn't seem to be anything that I couldn't get over here I opted mostly for the Sephora own stuff. Although I did splash out and get myself another YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick, then I got a bloody cold sore and couldn't wear it, typical!

I also treated myself to a Carisonic Mia, I have wanted one of these for a while now but could never bring myself to part with that much money, however when I saw this in Sephora for $125 and I think it is around £125 in the UK I thought I'd snap it up as it worked out quite a saving. I also got the Calrisonic cleansing lotion for acne prone skin. I've not had chance to try this out yet as I've had some pretty big spots recently and I didn't want to aggravate them, but I'm itching to give it a go and who knows maybe this will mean the end of those horrible big spots?

My favourite purchase has to be this beautiful Sephora It Palette...

As you can see it is a fairly neutral toned palette and it includes a base, 2 highlighters, 2 eyebrow colours and 7 'ombre' colours. As well as a dual ended brush for the lid and eyebrows/liner and a brown eyeliner pencil. 

Excuse the swatches, I ran out of arm!
As you can see the colours are so pigmented, there is a nice mix of shimmers and matte shades, I just think it is one of the most beautiful and more importantly wearable eye shadow palettes I own (and yes I do have the Naked 3 palette). I find with so many eye shadow palettes the colours look beautiful in the pan but on the eye they just look awful, such as the Naked 3, hence why I haven't published my review for fear of the backlash from the Naked lovers out there.

I couldn't wait to wear this as soon as I got it, which then resulted in 3 of the girls I went with rushing out to get their hands on it too.

A couple of other lovely products I bought and have worn everyday since are this setting powder and blusher/bronzer/highlighter...

I bought the setting powder in medium and it sits perfectly on top of my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, it just takes any shine away from my oily areas and it lifts my face. As I am quite fair foundation alone can make me look a bit ghostly, but by adding a setting powder that is a slightly darker tone it helps brighten up my face.

The blusher/bronzer/highlighter product then gives my cheeks a lovely summer glow, which is perfect as with this weather I've got no chance of getting one of those naturally! It's fantastic for contouring the cheekbones too.

As you can see form the first image there was just too much to mention in one post so I have picked out my faves for you. Don't worry though there will be more reviews of the other products I bought coming very soon.

If you spot something in particular you like the look of in my haul and want to see a review of just let me know. 

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  1. You bought so many lovely things, makes me want to go on a massive shopping spree. The Sephora eyeshadow palette is my kind of colours!


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